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Pinball Expo Art Contest

The Pinball Art Show will be held in conjunction with this years Pinball Expo. The approach will be that of a county fair/arts and craft show with ribbons, honorable mention, and 'Best of Show' awards. All work will be on display in the exhibit hall, ensuring plenty of exposure. Our goal is to have fun and display more of the considerable talent which our attendees have -- so bring out your pinball drawings, pictures, models, etc. All attendees and their families are encouraged to participate in any (or all) of the catergories listed below. All particiants ages 16 and under will be placed in a youth division category and judged accordingly. While every effort will be made to protect your entry, it must be noted that no insurance will be available. A display card will be provided for each entry noting the artist, category, and a selling price if you wish to sell your work. (All sales are between the artist and the buyer only.) Your work shall remain on display throughout the Expo with removal to be made between 3:00 - 5:00 PM on Saturday. All entries must have a pinball theme. Awards will be presented Saturday afternoon.


1. Photography

2. Drawings, paintings, Cartoons, Etc.

3. Clothing (T-Shirts, Ties, Pants, Etc)

4. Jewelry

5. Needlework

6. Collage

7. Scuplture

8. Fantasy Pinball Machine

9. Most Unsual Representation of Pinball

10. Youth Division 16 & under.

All work must be orginal and/or a limited edition and ready for hanging on display. There is no entry fee in either the adult or youth division, so enter as many categories as you wish. Entry forms will be available at the registration table and must be completed and attached to the artwork. Please bring your art to the Registration Table by 6:00PM., Thursday before the Expo opens. If you have any questions or comments please Email Pinball Expo headquarters.