Bring a Game to Expo!

What would a Pinball Expo be without having some pinball games to play?! With this in mind, the organizers of the Pinball Expo have an offer for you. If you bring a game to expo, set it on 'free play' for others to play, they'll give you a nice rebate on your Expo admission price.

The deal is this... For each day one game of yours is at expo, and on free play (and is *not* at the Expo for sale!), we'll give you a a day cash rebate (up to the total cost you have paid to the Pinball Expo). If you bring several games, multiply the games times (within reason). Pay for admission before going into the show, and at the end of the show when you remove your game(s), Mike Pacak will give you cash back for the games-times-days attended.

Now that's a nice deal! Bring a game, show it off, let people play and enjoy it, and get some 'Expo Bucks' in return!

Small Print: This offer does not apply to 'dealers'. Only applies to the 'general public'. Offer can be revoked, on the discretion of the Pinball Expo organizers. Contact Mike Pacak for more details, and if your situation/game(s) can utilize this offer.