A two year project will become reality for a local entrepreneur, Jon Weaver, when his company, Suncoast Pinball, ships its very first pinball machine “Cosmic Carnival” nationwide to dealers and individuals who have preordered on June 21.

Suncoast Pinball assembled a star-studded design team of talented artists to bring their vision to fruition. “We learned through this project that the silver screen’s fascination with the silver ball is still alive today,” said Jon Weaver, Owner of Suncoast Pinball. “Designing a pinball machine takes extraordinary artistic talent to include sound, music and visual arts.”

The art team includes: award-winning pinball artist Dirty Donny, award-winning and Oscar-nominated composer and sound designer Theo Green, vocalist and composer Czarina Russell, composer Bart Hendrickson and animator Chad Sikora. Most of these award-winning and Oscar-nominated artists have worked on some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood. A short list of credits for this star-studded group include: Metallica (cover art and pinball machine), Pirates of the Caribbean, Blade Runner 2049, (Superman) Man of Steel, Spiderman 2 and Ballers.

Cosmic Carnival: Honoring the Past While Infuencing Pinball Industry Trends for the Future

Cosmic Carnival signals a return to original-themed pinball machines long-admired for their individuality and craftmanship. For more than a decade, nearly all new pinball releases have been licensed themes. “We believe there is a place for licensed themed pinball machines, but a lot of the art and creativity is lost in doing nothing but licensed themed pinball machines,” Weaver said. “At Suncoast Pinball, we believe we can shift this trend back to pinball’s origins by bringing talented artists together to help produce a pinball experience that has amazing artwork, original music, and innovative animations.”

Are you ready to take on this fast-paced, high-energy pinball and win control of the Cosmic Carnival? Contact a dealer near you and ask for Cosmic Carnival. For more information visit Suncoast Pinball at

Contact: Jon Weaver
Phone: 727-692-9762
Visit his website: Suncoast Pinball

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