John Youssi is an illustrator and artist best known for his work in arcade pinball and video games, magazines and children's books, and yogurt. He grew up in Dover, OH, where he attended St. Joseph's Catholic school, playing on the Rambler's football team. He later attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Art, honing his skills in traditional methods of painting and drawing.

Youssi's career in arcade gaming began in 1988 when, as a freelance illustrator, he developed the cabinet and backglass artwork for Williams Electronics' Jokerz! pinball. He has been working in the arcade industry since then, illustrating numerous titles from Williams, Midway Games, and Stern Pinball, including Whirlwind, Fun House, The Addams Family, Cruisin' USA, White Water, Johnny Mnemonic, No Good Gofers, Revenge from Mars, Sharkey's Shootout, Monopoly, the Big Buck Hunter series, and TRON: Legacy.

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